Real-time Groundtruth Decisional Support.

We bridge the gap between informational need and data availability


Satellite data can provide critical information to decision makers, but is largely neglected due to its complexity. Granular builds tools to interrogate satellite images at scale, enabling customers to understand global dynamics and make evidence-based decisions.


Aakash Panigrahi

ML Researcher

Hal Shin

Frontend Engineer

Sagar Verma

co-founder / CTO

Shweta Pardeshi

Machine Learning Intern

Shubham Goswami

ML Researcher

Siddharth Gupta

co-founder / CEO

Ujwal Dutta


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How do I get access?
We should be releasing a publicly available product by Mid-August. If you are interested in early access drop us a line and sign up for our newsletter!
What is the difference between the Granular GeoAI Platform and the GeoAI Engine?
Granular's GeoAI platform is a fully managed web-based offering that allows users to instantly access pre-fabricated GeoAI machine learning models. The GeoAI engine lets technical users develop custom geospatial analytics tools that meet their specific requirements by exposing useful abstractions for satellite image ingestion, ML lifecycle management, and other geo-tools.
How much does Granular's Platform offering cost?
We plan on pricing our products as a function of the area of analysis and the cost of the base imagery.
Can you build specific models for us?
While we do not plan on doing this long-term, we are entertaining requests for models. If we find that many clients are interested in similar analytical capabilities, we will prioritize model development around these topics. Interested in a "bespoke" solution? Drop us a line!
Why would I use the Granular's Engine?
If you need to develop a model that uses proprietary/sensitive data, solves a domain specific problem, needs to be deployed on-premise or in a private cloud, etc.

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