Satellite-Enabled Economic Transparency

We interpret satellite data in real-time to deliver insights into the world’s most opaque economies.

Our real time data positions clients ahead of the market. Keep track of the economic forces that impact your portfolio, identify new sources of alpha, and understand the global forces that influence your assets

To make informed policy decisions you need high quality information. We provide regionally relevant and timely data to help policy makers make the most contextually appropriate decisions.

Disaggregated data has become increasingly critical in Economic Research. We help researchers understand economic conditions and threats globally.

Our platform can be used to identify underserved regions and monitor the efficacy of an intervention

A Modern Approach

The tools we use to monitor our economy need to scale with economic complexity. Granular makes that happen.

Unprecedented Temporal Resolution

Satellite based surveillance reduces the time it takes to collect and analyze data from months to hours, bridging the gap between informational need and data availability

Beyond National Statistics

Our bottom-up approach to analytics means decision-makers can understand exactly what they need to know.

Context When You Need It

Comprehensive coverage means you can look beyond the headline numbers and develop a deeper understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.

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