The earth has a story to tell.

A GeoAI toolkit to better understand the planet and make global-scale decisions.

Focus on ROI

Interrogate a single region-of-interest with surgical precision or evaluate large-scale macroeconomic trends as they unfold. The Granular Platform equips users with deep learning tools to generate and analyze ground-truth data.

Actionable Insights

Create decision advantage and develop novel business strategies. Our platform's analytics layer enables users to comprehend geospatial data and our API allows seamless integration into existing workflows.

User Autonomy

Run customized workflows against a validated set of machine learning models to extract the geospatial data they need.

Intuitive Design

Focus on high-value insights and find ROI. Our platform provides instant access to high-performance "GeoAI" models that can be fielded instantly. We take care of the technical complexity, letting clients focus on ROI.

Instantly field models across a broad range of use-cases.

Regain control over your decision-making process

1Model Selection
2Model Deploy
3Geospatial Results
AI Toolkit

Transparent & Extensible

Our model dashboard provides visibility into the tools user have and, critically, how models perform under different conditions

  • See model performance benchmarks before you use it.
  • Add your own models with our developer toolkit.
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    Pipelines API

    Control model deployments, access pipeline status and pull results programatically.