GeoAI Pipelines-as-a-Service

Interrogate geospatial data on your terms.

The Granular GeoAI Engine removes key technical hurdles to developing and deploying GeoAI solutions at scale.

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Powerful abstractions to supercharge your geospatial workflow

Granular's GeoAI engine enables AI-capable teams to build novel geospatial solutions that address their domain-specific needs. By providing abstractions to address technical complexities associated with geospatial machine learning, we enable teams to build production-ready geo-tools faster.

Multichannel Image Ingestion

One API key that provides access to data from multiple leading satellite imagery providers.

Image Preprocessing

Image orthorectification, coregistration, atmospheric correction, cloud cover masking and reflectance adjustment.

Resource Scaling & Orchestration

On-demand hardware provisioning and automated scaling for AI model training and deployment.

Model Versioning

Model translation via carefully managed and versioned research artifacts (model weights, definitions) ensures that models can be reproduced in any environment.

Dataset Versioning

Hash-based verification of dataset version to ensure reproducibility.


Git code pushes propogate through to training hub.

Designed for teams

Find valuable insights in refined geospatial data while avoiding the complexities of satellite imagery.

Data Scientists

Our scalable platform provisions hardware automatically, removing the complexity of managing hardware resources for AI model training and deployment

AIOps Engineers

Take control over machine resource management, model and artifact versioning, and serving.


Give your team the tools they need to deliver. Develop decision advantage and drive business ROI through novel geo-analytics patterns.

Introduce domain-specific geospatial analytics.

Incorporate proprietary or sensitive data.

Collaborate within and across development teams.

Iterate on new ideas faster and translate proofs of concept into production systems.

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Reach escape velocity

A growing set of tools that provide scaffolding for your next geoAI model.

Model Benchmarking

Data Labeling

Result Visualization

Model Publishing

A technology stack you can rely on.